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For the last 7 years, Shanna Perry has been entrenched in the American cannabis industry.
A native of South Florida, Ms. Perry has lived and worked in West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Denver, New York City and in Las Vegas.

After earning her degree in audio engineering and broadcasting, Ms. Perry served as Director of Events for five CBS AM/FM radio stations. After leaving that position in 2010 she became interested in learning more about the cannabis industry and how she could position herself for a successful career in the cannabis space.

Motivated to self-educate, she went to Denver, and then, to New York, and throughout New
England. Each move brought new knowledge, new experiences, and a greater understanding
of economics and the cannabis industry.

In 2014, recognizing Nevada was positioned for enormous growth in both the medical and
recreational cannabis channels, Ms. Perry took up residence in Las Vegas and became an
original member of the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association. Pioneering herself into theindustry’s foundation, she was the first professional to successfully present and sell
mainstream advertisers to a leading, Nevada-based, medical cannabis lifestyle publication.
She moved easily from media to advising, honing her brand, SHANNABIS, at conventions andwithin the industry. Strategically using social media platforms enabled her to build her contactlist along with her brand. Within three years, she became one of Las Vegas’ most influentialand trusted advocates for cannabis.

As a bona fide consultant on all aspects of cannabis, Ms. Perry has served as an advisor to
government regulators, business owners, law enforcement, physicians, and attorneys globally.

She is known for her honesty, vitality, and passion for the cannabis industry. Her well
roundedness and education, coupled by her personal and professional experiences, are the
cornerstones of SHANNABIS. Her list of success and accomplishments is surpassed only by
her love of the industry, making her truly, one of the cannabis industries most valuable


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