Good morning, welcome to the first Shannabis video blog. I am Shanna Perry. I’m going to give you a little history about myself, my team and what it is we’re doing. I was born and raised in South Florida I move to Las Vegas in 1998. My background and education are a degree in audio engineering music production and management and a second degree in a broadcast. I was the events director for 5 CBS radio stations. Having navigated myself through social media since 2000, using my technological science education to navigate through this digital age of technology and business. Cannabis is very dear to my heart. I have been an advocate pretty much my whole life having studied the subject matter every day beginning 5 years ago and I continue to do so. We believe it’s a huge marketplace and looks forward to assistance those and all businesses through this digital madness to generate direct sales and best brand recognition.

Nelson Ramirez on my team he’s a great producer, videographer anything you need production-wise. We do everything from editing, voice overs, music, interview style pretty much all the video content that you would need. Shawn Meisser is our web guy he designs great website layouts as you can see at he has been active in helping many non-profits around the valley. Finally, Nina Bradley a woman who’s been a friend of mine for, wait not giving that up, a very long time. Nina will be working on sales, marketing and she will style you up hair and makeup have your video ready.

So going forward this blog is going to consist of education that I’ve been privy to through the cannabis world. Having educated myself on the medicinal uses, topics like the Endocannabinoid System, Cannabinoids. Awe you’ll get that later. You can get all of that educational or entertainment, whatever you would like. I hope you tune in! Check it out and see what we were talking about. I’d like to discuss all the current medical findings out there. We will get into some industry subject matter as well. We all have different educational paths and going into this emerging new marketplace with exponential growth opportunity, there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered. Navigating the path to find the right answers can be very tricky. I look forward to assisting with that through our consulting services. Additionally, I’ve been doing event planning with concerts to small parties, from my beginnings in Miami passing out flyers for big raves. I have thrown events for some local businesses as well. I look forward to helping with everything from the initial idea or concept to the execution of operations creating an amazing event.